Ruth Moody obit

Ruth Moody 1874-1936

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Ruth was born in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire and married Ernest Hill in Chesterfield on 1st January 1900. She died at the relatively young age of 62 on 7 August 1936. The fact that she died before mum was born means I know very little about her. This short obituary from the Derbyshire Times on 14 August 1936 does give a glimpse..

Historic Documents

How is your name spelled?

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Over the past month I have been working on 17th century baptism records from the parish of St Peter, Old Brampton. I am slowly working through more than two hundred years of baptisms for my Brampton Old and New website. To our modern eyes, one striking feature of these older records is that they are often mainly in Latin, or …

We will remember them..

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Over the past few days we have been marking the 70th anniversary of the D Day landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944. As some of you will know, I live in France, not too far from the beaches ‘Utah’, ‘Omaha’, ‘Juno’, ‘Gold’, and ‘Sword’. On a daily basis, I see evidence of the resistance to occupation during the 1939-45 …

Parish Records

Data Discipline

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I was trained to record information clearly, in a way which would be easily understandable at some point in the future, should I need to refer to it.. That was many years ago, and long before I ever imagined building large genealogy databases. My interest in genealogy began at about the time desktop computers entered our homes for the first …

UK Census Records

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As an ‘ex – pat’, access to original historical records relating to my English ancestors is difficult and potentially costly. I am fortunate in that my research has coincided with the period where important record collections have become available ‘online’. Much serious research can now be done from the comfort of my own study at home. It might not be …

Walk for a Wager

Walk for a Wager

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As I remarked in my last post, my gg grandfather, Alfred Ibberson was quite a character. One of his exploits was still being recalled in 1946, some fourteen years after his death, and probably around half a century after they took place. The obituary for a local publican, Joseph Green was published in the Derbyshire Times on 8 March 1946. …

Remarkable Marriage

A remarkable marriage..

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Alfred Ibberson was my gg grandfather. Of all those in this extensive family tree, he is perhaps the character I’d most like to have met. In todays language we would probably refer to him as a ‘black sheep’ or a ‘dodgy character’. Certainly he was a colourful personality who lived a full and long life. You can read a fuller account …